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Top Ways Workforce Monitoring Software Can Boost Your Team’s Productivity

Description- A workforce monitoring software is an automation tool that can boost your team’s productivity in many ways. Read this blog post to find out the details. 

Field employees are just like the breadwinners for any organization. Their productivity plays an important role in taking the business to new heights. Knowing about the precise whereabouts of field executives will help the management ensure that their team is working efficiently. 

Workforce management software is a great solution that allows businesses to monitor each activity of field executives in real-time. Let’s find out more details in this blog post! 

What Is a Workforce Monitoring Software? 

The best workforce management software works as a helping hand for the management of any organization. It allows them to track and manage the entire field tasks without any hassle. But how exactly does it work? It operates through various automation tools to help businesses optimize the complete field force operations. Some of these automation tools include:

  • Task Management Software

With task management software, an organization can assign, manage, and monitor the tasks for each field executive efficiently. You can allocate the monthly, weekly, or yearly tasks and track their status in real-time.

Additionally, the auto-generated performance reports provided by the software enables businesses to make strategic and well-informed business decisions.

  • Order Management Software

You can create, manage, and monitor your business orders from anywhere at any time with an order management solution. It provides custom forms and attachments to maintain the records digitally. What’s more? An organization can track their product catalogue in real-time using this great tool of workforce management software.

  • Attendance and Leave Management Software

A leave and attendance management solution is an innovative tool through which field employees can mark their attendance remotely. It provides various attendance marking systems, such as biometrics, geo-tagging, facial recognition, and more. It can be also used to create custom leave categories as per your company’s leave policy.

  • Expense Management Software

An expense management software helps businesses ensure transparency in the claim and reimbursement process. It reduces the risk of manual errors by automating the entire process.  Your field executives can upload the bills and receipts within the software and the management in the hierarchy can approve it in real-time.

  • Real-Time Monitoring Software

The most intriguing feature of workforce monitoring software is the real-time employee monitoring system. This tool provides precise whereabouts for each field executive. You can know their live location, current task status, and battery and network status easily. 

How Does Workforce Monitoring Software Boost Your Team’s Productivity? 

Workforce management software can boost your team’s productivity in many ways. Here’s a look at some of them: 

  • Identify Errors

The best workforce management software offers real-time insights into both inactivity and the total time taken by field executives to complete a specific task. This makes it easier for the management to discover areas where the employees are facing challenges and help them in the best possible way. 

Thus, when the management detects the bottlenecks, it also helps the employees to identify their mistakes in time management, meeting deadlines, expense updation, order creation, and much more. Employees can work hard to overcome the challenges and improve their future performance once they have identified their mistakes.

  • Effective Attendance Management 

Every business often struggles with the practice of time fraud. It means that employees declare hours in their timesheets, however, they fail to show up to work on time.

A workforce monitoring software provides a detailed report on employees’ productivity. As a result, the manager can track the total time spent by the staff on the field. It provides various attendance-capturing systems to fetch the accurate working hours of each field executive.

  •  Streamlines Team Communication 

It is undeniable that smooth communication is key for every business. It becomes a blessing in disguise whenever any problems arise during projects or other assigned tasks. 

Workforce management software like TrackoField provides a communication tool where you can share files, text and voice messages from a single platform. 

  • Prompt Response to Employees 

It is critical to respond to employee requests as soon as possible to maintain a satisfying workplace. For instance, if an employee is not feeling well and must leave for home immediately, they would demand a prompt response to their concern.

A workforce monitoring software provides real-time alerts and notifications to employers whenever a new request is raised by any executive. The management can act on them promptly using the software.

  • Assign Jobs Efficiently 

Allocating tasks to field employees is less challenging with workforce management software. The software allows an organization to assign tasks based on the live location of each field executive. Therefore, employees can spend more time accomplishing their tasks rather than travelling.  

Final Words

The best workforce management software enables businesses to boost their team’s productivity. TrackoField is the best workforce management software provider available in more than 30 countries. The company provides advanced solutions to cater to your personalized needs. Just give it a try, and schedule your free trial now!