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Digilocker Internship

Digilocker Internship welcome applications from talented and motivated young people to work as DigiLocker interns at NeGD. The internship’s goal is to allow participants to make a significant contribution to and learn from our work.

Digilocker Internship

The intern will be given particular duties and responsibilities, as well as the opportunity to develop their skills and gain experience. The intern is required to be adaptable and complete the allocated assignment on time. The opportunity is in the field of:

Front-end web development / Back-end development – Apply Now

Commitment of Time

Generally 3-12 months, depending on mutual agreement.


Internships are done on a volunteer basis, and the intern is not entitled to pay or a job offer at the end of the internship. Interns will be required to work from home because there will be no office space available. Interns will use the OpenForge platform ( to collaborate and submit their work for approval.


  1. Upon successful completion of the internship, an internship certificate will be presented.
  2. Contributing to DigiLocker can be a fun way to learn, teach, and help others while also gaining experience.
  3. Because it is a citizen-centric programme developed by the Indian government, contributing to this project means you are assisting Indian citizens in better service delivery.