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How Much Does ZoomInfo Cost and How to Find Someone’s Phone Number

Contact information is critical to market growth in the highly saturated B2B environment. ZoomInfo is an elite business tools provider, which is a must-have for anyone trying to make the

perfect outreach. Knowing the available price tiers of ZoomInfo and how to identify phone numbers can greatly improve sales tactics. By knowing how much does zoominfo cost? All these key aspects will be incorporated and interrelated into this guide to facilitate. All these key aspects will be incorporated and interrelated into this guide to enable optimization of your ROI.

ZoomInfo Pricing Overview

You have probably already heard about ZoomInfo, an American company specializing in sales intelligence, offering business contacts and clean email lists. While ZoomInfo’s website doesn’t list its prices, here’s a general idea of the cost structure:

1. Basic Plan: About $6,995 per year, good for small teams who must obtain basic contact information of their clients.

  1. Advanced Plan: For $120 to $200 per month, the customer is getting some additional options such as data enrichment and a link to the customer relation system.
  2. Elite Plan: Pricing for an enterprise license, for organizations that require more comprehensive access to ZoomInfo’s platform.

Maximizing ROI with ZoomInfo

If appropriately applied, some impressive financial returns can be attained from ZoomInfo investment. Key benefits include:

  • Accurate Data: Constant connectivity to other sources and people in a huge and rapidly updated information base.
  • Advanced Search Filters: The best audiences are easily discernable with this strategy.
  • CRM Integration: Always transform the process of writing data into an organization’s actions into a routine action plan.
  • Intent Data: Get additional information about the potential clients who are most definitely interested in your offerings.

The application of these features enables the sales and marketing division to filter out the actual leads and thus increase the overall sales, and revenue.

How to Find Someone’s Phone Number

Beyond ZoomInfo, there are various methods to use when you learn how to find someone’s phone number, and or enhance your outreach:

  1. Online Directories: Did you ever want to know a particular phone number of any local business? In this one, you can use Whitepages, Truecaller, or Spokeo to search for the possible contact information of the target phone number.
  2. Social media: Other types of interaction should also be shown in the account like on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.
  3. Company Websites: In many cases, the telephone numbers are given under the ‘Contact us’ links, which are present on most business organization home pages.
  4. Networking Events: Allow itself to take only contact information from the specialists in specified conventions of the industry.

Integrating ZoomInfo with Phone Number Search

Some external phone number search tactics connected with additional ZoomInfo data can also boost your efforts. Here’s how:

  1. Cross-Verification: Continuously use external directories and social media to validate some of the information entered in ZoomInfo to build the credibility of the data collected.
  2. Profile Enrichment: We provide extra information in the particular field to make the prospects’ profiles more distinct from the others besides those mentioned.
  3. Effective Outreach: Namely, use the opportunity of expanded and true contacts for not filling messages in dead accounts or spam, which contributes to increased conversion rates.


Pricing of ZoomInfo and the aspects of features should and can be optimized towards the enhancement of the lead generation of your business. This is supported by the fact that callers are allowed to use various methods to search for a phone number to ensure they develop a reliable contacts list. It is crucial to note that the majority of B2B marketing professionals who generate, participate, or develop solar leads will use and have used these channels and strategies. It helps the sales and marketing personnel to identify some potential customers that would help the company grow and become profitable.

Growth marketing is valuable for any business, and that includes utilizing the best resource of ZoomInfo as well as going out of the norm with the outreach. Management of these above resources enables the direction towards the achievement of sustainable growth organizational goals.