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How To Access Budget-Friendly A Cheap Car Rental Dubai?

Tourists on a tight budget in Dubai often choose public transportation to move around and explore the city. Do you know, you can rent a car in Dubai and still have an affordable vacation? One of the best things about Dubai is, the city has something for everybody. In terms of car rentals in Dubai, you have the option of choosing from a variety of cars in different price ranges. So here you can easily  opt for a cheap car rental Dubai, just you have to be aware of the right way to book your car to avail the best deals. 

Tips to Get the Best Deals to get Cheap Car Rental in Dubai

Go for Compact Cars

Car rental companies in Dubai offer cars of varied categories and price ranges. From compact, SUV, sedan, luxury to super sports cars, you will find everything. If you are on a tight budget and wish to save on traveling costs, going for compact car rentals in Dubai is a great idea. Such cars are cheaper to rent and offer better mileage. 

Book in Advance

Advance booking has immense advantages. Firstly, you get more time to plan every detail of the trip, secondly most hotels or car rental companies in Dubai offer more discounts on advance booking. If the car rental company has a dedicated app or website, prior booking of cars is even more convenient. 

Avoid Peak Seasons

Every tourist destination witnesses the peak season during different times of the year. In Dubai the tourist season starts around November and lasts till April. The weather is pleasant and perfect to enjoy sightseeing, or adventure activities. But do you know, everything is more expensive at this time too? Car hires are on high demand during the peak season, and so is their price. Hence, it is better to avoid those months if you want a cheap car rental in Dubai

Check for Additional Charges

The car rental companies must keep you on loop regarding all the charges you need to incur. Once you get the final price breakup, do check if you are charged any additional costs. Mostly, the car insurance and maintenance is covered by the company. Do also ask about fuel costs and their policies regarding refueling. 

Avoid Airport Rentals

Car rental services at the Dubai airport are the costliest. The cars are charged airport taxes which add an additional expense to your list. So, instead of hiring a car for airport pick up or drop off, it is advisable to step outside the airport through other means of transportation.   

Compare Prices

The car rental industry in Dubai has grown and expanded over the years. Today there are numerous reputed companies that offer the best cars at affordable prices. Before finalizing your car, it is advisable to refer to more than one company and compare their prices and offerings.  


Along with the above tips and ideas if you choose a long term car rental Dubai, it will also help you to get a cheap car rental in Dubai for a convenient and memorable vacation. To book the best budget friendly car in Dubai, check out OneClickDrive, your one stop destination for car rental in the UAE.