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How To Choose The Best Sports App for Your Mobile Device

As a sports fan, it can be tough to keep yourself updated on your favorite teams and athletes. It can be quite a hassle to constantly check different websites to read the latest news and rely on a different platform when it comes to sports analysis.

But the thing is that there are now many sports apps out there that are basically a one-stop shop for sports fans and even those interested in keeping track of their fitness. These two go hand in hand, after all.


So, what are these sports and fitness apps that are actually worth downloading? Going to the sports section of platforms like Google Play Store and the Apple App Store will tell you that there are plenty of options out there. 


If you don’t know what to pick and what you should be looking for, stick around because we’ll give you points to consider when shopping for a sports app and even share insights on the best ones you can download right now.


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Sports App


Before you hit that download button, here are some important factors to consider to know which sports app suits your needs.


Identify Your Needs

Before you even browse for sports apps, ask yourself what you’re looking for. Do you need live scores, match analysis, or the latest news? Or do you need all of that in a single app? What other features are you looking for?


Be sure you answer those questions first. Once you’re sure of what features you need, make sure to read the app description before you download it. You can also check the app screenshots so you already have an idea of what features they are offering.


Check for Device Compatibility

Know that there are apps that may not be supported by other platforms. So, an app you might find on the Apple App Store might not be available on Google Play Store. Why does this matter? Well, you might find yourself changing devices in the future. 


If that’s the case, it can be frustrating to see that an app you’re already used to isn’t available for your new device. You won’t have to worry about this if, of course, you consider yourself loyal to Apple devices or Android devices.


User Interface and Experience

Any mobile app that’s complicated to navigate is just a waste of time. You’d rather spend time reading updates or taking advantage of the features an app offers instead of figuring out how it works.

When it comes to this, it could help if you read user reviews. See what others have to say about their experience in using the app you’re interested in. Are they saying it’s easy to use? What are some users struggling with?

But of course, nothing beats downloading the app and testing it for yourself. After all, our level of tech-saviness can be different. So, it’s best to take a few minutes to an hour of exploring an app before deciding if it’s easy to use or it’s just too complicated for you.


Content Variety and Quality

So, maybe an app is already giving you the updates you need and helps you keep track of the live scores. That’s great, but you should also consider the quality. Are the articles or news they’re sharing actually worth reading?


Do they offer variety? This is important if you enjoy not just a specific sport. It could be that cricket is your main favorite, but what about other sports you’re also interested in like maybe Kabaddi or Football? You can also check if they’re offering exclusive content.


Subscription and Costs

Some sports apps are free, while others offer premium features for a subscription fee. Assess whether the app’s value justifies its cost, and determine if the free version meets your needs or if a paid subscription is worth the investment.


Keep in mind, however, that not because an app is paid, they will already offer everything you need. The same goes for free sports and fitness apps. It doesn’t automatically mean that they won’t offer anything of value.


Top Sports Apps in India Right Now

To give you an idea of what many other sports fans are using in India, here are some popular options and what they have to offer:



10CRIC is a top-rated cricket betting app. The name of this online bookie alone should tell you that they have a heavy focus on cricket content. That’s why it’s your best bet if you’re looking to score the best cricket-related bonuses and wager on the most competitive cricket betting odds.


The 10CRIC app is free to download, but of course, you’ll need to cash in to place real money wagers. They accept popular payment solutions in India like UPI (Paytm, PhonePe, and Google Pay)



Another popular online betting app in India today is 1xBet. While 10CRIC also offers odds on other sports aside from cricket, 1xBet offers a more diverse betting market. So, if you follow multiple sports, this might be the better option.



CricBuzz is a favorite among cricket fans for its user-friendly interface and detailed coverage. It offers live scores, ball-by-ball commentary, news updates, and video highlights. The app is free to use but it also gives you an option to remove ads through a subscription.


Cricket Exchange

Cricket Exchange provides real-time score updates, news, and detailed statistics for cricket matches. It’s known for its accurate and fast updates, so many cricket fans find it a reliable choice. 


The app is free, but it offers in-app purchases for additional features like pinning live scores on your device.


Da Fit

While not exclusively a sports app, Da Fit offers fitness tracking, workout plans, and access to live sports events. It has a freemium model with optional paid subscriptions for additional features like a steps tracker.


Final Thoughts


Choosing the right sports app comes down to understanding your needs and testing a few options to see what works best for you. These tips and recommendations can guide you, but ultimately, trying out different apps will help you find the perfect fit. 


The bottom line is that there will always be a sports and fitness app that can cater to your needs. But it could take a bit for you to find the right fit. That said, be sure to give these apps a try before deciding which one you can keep.