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How to pick an HR management course 

It’s wise to think about a few things before selecting a Human Resources Management course. Not every training will be appropriate, depending on a variety of factors including your own requirements and preferences as well as the kind of organization you work for. Additionally, consider how an EEOC complaint can hurt an employer and relationships within the workplace.

The following general considerations should be made, just like with any other type of HR training:

Subject content and instructor

The goal of human resource management is to maximize business performance via improved human resource management. This, however, may not always mean the same thing in a large, multinational corporation as it does in a small company. 

For example, you could want to concentrate more on people management in a smaller business, but you may prefer to focus more on strategic issues in a bigger company. Before enrolling, you might want to look through some reviews and watch some course materials to get a sense of the instructor’s teaching approach.

Online education

To put it another way, do you have the freedom to learn how, when, and where you want? Is the course content accessible on a variety of devices? Is the course self-paced, meaning that you can begin a module, complete the first fifteen minutes of it, and then resume at a later time? 

Internet vs. offline

While some of us like learning online with videos and other digital content, others learn best in more traditional classroom environments, so they might prefer an actual Human Resource Management program. You should select the course type that is most appropriate for you.

When looking into Human Resource Management courses, there are other criteria outside the general ones listed above that also come into play. As this is what sets an HR management course apart from a “general” HR training course, these inevitably have to do with the management portion of the curriculum. Consider the following, for example: 

Leadership abilities 

An HR manager needs to be well-versed in all aspects of human resources, including hiring and selection, performance management, benefits administration, and pay. They also need to be highly capable leaders. This means that you should choose HR management training that thoroughly covers this component. 

Goals and Plans

A human resource management course should also cover strategic thinking (and planning).


There are challenges unique to being an HR manager, problems that sometimes only another HR manager can relate to. This is the reason it’s so important to have a network of aspiring HR managers. This type of (online) practitioner community is a fantastic setting for people to ask and answer questions, work through issues together, celebrate successes, and exchange experiences. 

Educators are occasionally involved in these communities as well. This is a perk in and of itself because it allows you to discuss topics of discussion or ask questions regarding the course you took. 

The top five HR management courses 

  1. People Analytics Courses 

HR professionals can work on practical projects and case studies with the online HR courses. 

You have the option of selecting an HR management training course that covers the entire package or one that concentrates on a specific subject, such the strategic aspect of HR management. 

For example, the course Building a People Analytics Strategy teaches you the following, among other things: 

  • How to determine which people-related concerns are a priority 
  • How to match people analytics with the general company strategy
  • To recognize how strategic personnel planning can be incorporated into  the people analytics strategy 
  • Reasons employees sue employers
  1. Human Resource Management: HR for People Managers on Coursera

Coursera provides 100% online education from the top institutions and businesses worldwide. HR courses from renowned universities including Stanford, ESSEC Business School, and the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology are combined into its HR offering. 

The HR for People Managers Specialization program offered by Coursera has more of an emphasis on managing people (in the US) and less on the strategic aspects of HR management. It appears therefore more appropriate for HR managers (or entrepreneurs) in smaller businesses.

The program includes courses on hiring, evaluating, and rewarding employees in addition to one that examines alternate approaches to human resource management. 

  1. Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR)

The HR Certification Institute is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to create and administer top-notch certified certificates in order to advance the HR profession.

Topics including Talent Development and Management, Business Leadership, HR Service Delivery, and Measurement and Analysis are all covered in the Institute’s SPHR program. It therefore instructs you on the strategic and policy-making facets of human resource management.

The SPHR program is geared toward the United States. The international edition of this HR management course is titled (logically) Senior Professional in Human Resources – International. 

  1. Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP), offered by SHRM

After passing this Human Resources management course and earning your certification, you will have concrete evidence that you are an experienced HR professional who is familiar with the following:

  • How to create plans
  • Oversee the HR department
  • Cultivate community impact
  • Evaluate performance indicators
  • Match HR plans with company objectives

SHRM offers a range of learning choices, including individualized staff training at your location, virtual or in-person classroom settings, and self-study programs. Hence, you are free to select your preferred alternative if you wish to pursue the SHRM-SCP certification. 

  1. HR Management and Analytics on Wharton Online

A division of Wharton University of Pennsylvania is Wharton Online. This means, among other things, that the instructors of Wharton Online courses are the same esteemed academics who instruct Wharton’s on-campus courses.

Their online degree in HR Management and Analytics blends theory and real-world application. It seeks to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of strategic HR management along with a synopsis of people analytics. Among other things, you will learn how to: 

  • Recognize the fundamentals of applying HR analytics
  • Launch and oversee human resource analytics initiatives
  • Create an organizational framework