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Is IPL Betting as Popular as the Sport Itself?

Cricket has become the world’s second most popular sport, after only football. It is particularly popular in Europe, the United Kingdom, and India. These are nations that are great lovers of everything that has something to do with cricket, but does it imply betting on it is equally popular? Let’s figure that out!

The Popularity Explained

Cricket is by far India’s most popular sport. This is despite the fact that field hockey is officially recognized as the national sport. India is unmistakably a cricket country. This sport is popular with people of all ages around the nation. And cricketers are considered superstars in this nation.

Given the popularity of the sport in India, it seems to reason that cricket betting would be popular as well. And this is true. Recent stats show that hundreds of people register on with the only purpose — of placing a bet on cricket. What can explain such a crazy popularity of cricket betting?

#1 — IPL

Indians flock to online betting platforms during the IPL (Indian Premier League). IPL betting is one of the most anticipated pastimes for adult fans every year. Especially if India is playing against Pakistan or Australia, who are their opposing teams. The IPL is one of the most popular competitions not just in India but across the globe. It is one of the top ten most-watched events in the world, and many people throughout the globe wager on the matches. This occurs once a year, in the fifth or sixth month.

#2 — Online Format

Betting is technically banned in India, but many get around it by making their bets online. This is due to the lack of specific legislation in the nation that explicitly prohibits the services of offshore-based bookmakers and casinos. In fact, India has been known to enjoy betting from the beginning of its civilization. It was allowed back then, and winnings were always taxed at 5%.

#3 — Expressing Support

People like 1xbet cricket IPL betting for a variety of reasons. Wagering on an athlete or team is an excellent way to express support. Many individuals place wagers simply because they are supporters of the player or team.

#4 — Opportunity to Win Cash

There are some who take betting quite seriously. These are the folks who would place large wagers. Some of them have decided to pursue a job or earn a livelihood via sports betting. While this is not something that everyone can accomplish, if you have mastered the skill of betting, you may win a large sum of money. Some well-known professional bettors or punters include Billy Walters, Michael Jordan, and Jaromir Jagr.

#5 — Easy-to-Learn

Another reason individuals make bets is because they are straightforward to grasp. Wagering isn’t very difficult. However, some individuals go above and above, devising novel ways. If you merely want to make a casual wager, you will discover that it is simple, and the odds are quite clear to understand.

#6 — High Accessibility

The expansion of the betting sector is also attracting more individuals to the scene. Nowadays, it is really simple to put a wager on any sport. You don’t even have to travel anymore to bet on your favorite teams. You may now place your bets online using your computer, laptop, or mobile device, such as smartphones and tablets. You may now download and install betting applications on your phone. With only a few touches, you may put your bets. You may place a bet from anywhere in the globe.

Let’s Summarize

Finally, betting is considered a nice pleasure or pastime. Watching a cricket match may be exhilarating in and of itself, but when money is involved, it becomes something else entirely. Betting makes watching sports more enjoyable and interesting. This small detail can transform your hobby into a good and stable source of income.