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Top 5 Online Investment Ideas that no one is talking about

The popularity of online investing, which peaked within the last decade, has dramatically changed how people live. This write-up will cover five of the most potent money-making ideas through the internet.


Robo-advisor services can be regarded as task-easy online investment quests for novices. Robo-advisors are algorithmic wealth management systems that deliver diversified human investors’ portfolios following the risk tolerance expressed by the investor. All you need to do is complete a survey form, and the robo-advisor will do your small tasks, such as portfolio construction, rebalancing, tax-loss harvesting, and all other regular activities at a meager management cost. The best-known robo-advisors include Betterment, Wealthfront, and Ellevest, among others.

Sportsbook software

Sports betting has emerged as a wide-reaching online activity. In this world, you can find many professional and college sports games that are legal for betting. The industry has many credible sites offering odds and bets across games. Nowadays, anyone who can find a good sportsbook software provider can create mobile applications for betting and bonuses. So, for anyone who puts in the effort to understand sports probabilities and undertake diligent research, sports gambling will ultimately provide decent returns in the long run. 

The Index-type investment funds

Index funds diversify all at once by owning stocks or bonds parallel to famous indexes such as the S&P 500, providing immediate diversification. They are open to a new segment of people to invest in stock markets for the first time, with convenience and fewer expenses. Since most major bullion dealers offer commission-free trades, you can use these low custodial fees to create your index fund composite. An automated robo-advisor that has ETFs as its principal portfolio is another option. The two leading exchange-traded funds are the S&P 500 ETF Vanguard (VOO) and the Total Stock Market ETF Vanguard (VTI).

High Reward Saving

A physical branch network is one of the highest costs of bank operations. Hence, banks such as CIT Bank and Marcus by Goldman Sachs that offer online banking provide savings accounts whose annual percent yield (APY) is greater than 2%, which is a higher rate than brick-and-mortar banks. You are anchored to your money with the high-yield savings account. Although you get the cash within the twinkle of an eye, the return rate you are bound to get is way better than what you would have gotten if you had pulled funds from your regular checking or savings account.

Retirements Accounts

You can grow in them tax-free or tax-deferred, so you get more taxes burnt or deferred over decades. IRA investment is being taken a notch higher by online brokers with the advent of an online portal hosting self-directed investing capabilities, robo-advisors, automated contributions, and a whole lot of services that an average retirement account holder does not require. To illustrate, Fidelity’s Express IRA has zero $0 account fees and a comprehensive platform for investment where you can be all-in or DIY, depending on your comfort level.

The process of money-making online is more accessible and provides more options to people with middle means compared to that which was a few years ago. If you think a robo-advisor might be the best way for you to invest, or peer-to-peer lending might give you a decent return for your money, or if you prefer safer investments like an IRA, online platforms open up a world of ways to save your money. The internet discussion on investment provides many choices one can choose from according to time, risk tolerance, and financial goal.