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Dolly Chaiwala : Celebrity Chai Wala

Do you guys know about Dolly Chaiwala ? Are you aware how this tapri-style chai serving guy has become so famous? If not, then h you will get to know it here. Dolly chai wala is famous for his unique and tapri style chai preparation. Moreover, he is also famous for his unique dressing style. If you live in Nagpur, or you visit Nagpur, it is recommended to got for having tea at his stall. Because having a sight of Dolly is something very interesting to catch in Nagpur. Truly, Dolly has a become a star. Furthermore, he has a specific style of preparing and serving tea to the customers. This style made him popular among the citizens of Nagpur. With the rising fame, he became popular among celebrities. Additionally, many celebrities visited the stall to have tea and mostly to meet Dolly Chai wala. Thus, let us know what makes him so famous that he has become a star today.

Who is Dolly Chaiwala ?

 Dolly, who serves tea at a stall in Nagpur is no less than a celebrity now. His style has made him so famous that many celebrities have visited his tea stall. Moreover, his viral videos resulted in Bill Gates visiting at the stall and having tea. However, Dolly did not have any idea about who the man was.

Dolly’s real name is Sunil Patil. He got the name “Dolly” from his former girlfriend. Therefore, he is known as Dolly Chai Wala. Additionally, he is into this business since the year 2007. Sunil Patil named his stall “Dolly ki Tapri”. Also, he starts working at 6 in the morning and serves tea till 9 pm. Each cup is priced ₹7. Furthermore, he approximately sells 500-600 cups of tea in a day.

According to him, all his swag and style comes from his love for South Indian movies. This is because, he is a huge fan of Rajnikanth and draws inspiration from him. Not only this, most of his actions are like a tribute to his favourite South Indian Star.

In addition, he believes that what he does attracts more customers. Also, he said that he wanted to shine amongst all the chai stall owners. He wanted to grow and attract more consumers. Therefore, he carries this style both as a tribute as well as to make money. The best part is that Dolly’s strategy to attract more customers has worked wonders. Not just customers, but also celebrities are attracted.

Dolly Chaiwala Unique Dressing Style

 Along with his unique style of serving chai, this guy is famous for his unique style that he carries. Visitors have agreed that it is fun to watch him as he is such an interesting person. His unique and fun style is one of the most attractive feature. Moreover, it also makes him unique among all the tea servers. Let us see what his unique style includes –

  • Funky rings
  • Funky chains
  • Funky hairdo
  • Waistcoat, blazer or a t shirt
  • Colourful goggles.
  • Earphones
  • Jeans or trousers


All these things contribute to his funky looks. When Dolly was asked about his inspiration behind these looks, the revealed why he dresses like that. Dolly said that he was inspired by the look of Jack Sparrow.

Adding to this, he said that he was also criticised by a lot of people for his unique looks. However, he did not choose to pay attention to the haters. However, he kept on working hard on his looks and outfits because he believes that it is one of the most important factors that have made him popular. Which is something true.

Unique Tea Serving Style

 From opening the packet of milk to serving the tea to the customers, Dolly does not forget to add Drama in any step. All of the steps include some or the other theatrics. Hence, these cool steps and style of preparing tea attracts more customers. Dolly calls this style “tapri-style”.

What Made Dolly Chaiwala Viral ?

 Videos of Dolly became viral when he served the delicious and tapri style chai to Bill Gates. Moreover, Bill Gates on visiting the stall asked for a cup of tea. However, Dolly did not recognise him and served tea in his more stylist manner. Furthermore, Bill Gates appreciated his style. At that moment, Dolly did not know whom he was serving tea to. Thus, he got to know the truth later in the day. It was then when he realised that the visit of Bill gates has made him more famous than he ever was.

Dolly Chaiwala Net Worth

 The Net Worth of this famous personality is estimated to be around 10 lakh rupees.


 Dolly Chaiwala is a the owner of Dolly ki Tapri, a tea stall in Nagpur. However, this tea stall is not a basic one. Along with chai, it also serves full package entertainment. Dolly attracts more customers, including celebrities through his unique sense of style and entertaining way of serving the tea. Moreover, people went crazy over the fact that Dolly serves tea to Bill Gates and also got his appreciation. However, Dolly was unaware who Bill Gates was and serves him tea as he usually does with his theatrics.


After the videos got viral, he experienced a huge boost in his sales. Therefore, he is also known as the celebrity Chai Wala. Thank you

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