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Emma Bridgewater: Things You Need To Know

Do you know the flagship name in the ceramics industry? Emma Bridgewater is the name. The brand provides English-made dinnerware, ceramic mugs, and more in a wide range of luxurious designs. You can place them on your kitchen shelves or as a showpiece. But you might be wondering who exactly is behind this brand. The brand’s name is based on the name of its owner, Emma. Who is the real person who founded this brand in nineteen eighty five? If you want to learn more about this brand, read this article until the end. Read the interesting story of the Emma Bridgewater brand. 

 Who is she?

Emma was born and brought up in Cambridgeshire in the year nineteen sixty. She was born to Charlotte and Adrian Bridgewater. Her parents separated when she was seven. She had two younger siblings with her mother mostly in North Oxford. 


In nineteen eighty five, she founded Emma Bridgewater, her brand. Two years after that, she met her current husband. Her husband’s name is Matthew Rice. They have four children: Elizabeth, Kitty, Margaret, and Michael. The family of six currently resides in Oxford. 

When was Emma Bridgewater Brand Founded?

Emma founded her brand in the year nineteen eighty five when she was in her early twenties. At that time she had recently graduated from the University of London with a degree in English literature. Moreover, there is a whole story behind her brand. So, let us look at it. 


She was shopping for cups and saucers when she noticed the items on sale were mostly formal, delicate, or cheap. And then she saw a gap in the market and took this as an opportunity. She made eye-catching, elegant crockery, which was the best for everyday use. Moreover, it was hardwearing, sturdy, and beautiful.


But how did she do that? She had no formal training. Therefore, she only relied on extensive research, mainly about the history of Chinese styles, manufacturers, the creation of ceramic crockery, and more. She took inspiration from an eclectic assortment of crockery. This was all found in her mother’s boho cottage. Further, she created a crockery that was traditional but was modern. 


It was time to expand so she hired a traditional English pottery model maker. The model maker helped her bring her designs to life. Furthermore, she started selling her brand’s ceramic products in her city and a stall at London’s Convent Market. Further, she sold them at trade shows. 


His husband left his job to help her wife run the fast-growing company. Further, he developed illustrations and designs for birds and animals. And this became the signature style of the brand. Furthermore, she raised a turnover of dollar twenty three million in a year with more than three hundred and fifty staff members for her brand Emma Bridgewater. 

Top ten things you might not know about Emma Bridgewater

  1. Her brand -Emma Bridgewater- boasts many designs of ceramic crockery, but her favorite one is the crockery with a fox pattern. 
  2. Emma is inspired by Paris and would love to sit there and drink coffee.
  3. Moreover, she has also written an autobiographical book on herself, which she named Toast and Marmalade and Other Stories. 
  4. This might be a very interesting fact for you. She is the president of CPRE also known as Campaign Protect Real England. CPRE is an organization that works to protect promote and moreover enhance the countryside. Furthermore, it ensures that the countryside is protected for the upcoming generation. 
  5. Emma loves Jaffa cakes and wishes to have them invented.
  6. Moreover, she keeps an old-fashioned diary with her. In that diary, she keeps records of how the days went by. 
  7. Emma is from Oxford so there is no doubt that her favorite place to shop is the Covered market in Oxford. The market is in the heart of the city and is since the year seventeen seventy. The covered market in Oxford mainly boasts local crafts, foods, and drinks. 
  8. When Emma got married to her now husband named Matthew in year nineteen eighty seven. She received a gift, which was a colossal wind-up measuring tape. This was her favorite wedding gift ever. 
  9. Her favorite time pass is to watch the show named Some Like It Hot. Furthermore, she can watch this show over and over again. 


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