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Hello friends. How are you? We hope you are in good health. Welcome back to our website where you can find new and interesting articles daily. These articles are not just interesting, but informative too. Like our all the other articles, this article is also going to inform you about something important. Moreover, this information will be in an interesting way. Thus, read all the information written in this article. Guys, how do we step towards growth? What factor contributes to the growth of businesses? If your answer is innovation, then you are absolutely right. Moreover, it is the force that drives progress. Innovation shapes the way of everything we do. It holds the power of transform the whole industries. Furthermore , be it a change in technology or a transformation in business models, everything happens by innovation.  Thus, this article is going to be on is a platform that encourages innovation. In this blog, we will try to understand what this platform does. Moreover, we will also discuss its impact on innovation. Additionally, every platform is a product of some vision. Hence, we will discuss about the vision of this platform. Also, understanding features and offerings will help you to know about the platform in a better way. We will start by knowing what it actually is. Furthermore, the whole article contains important information about the platform. Therefore, it is our suggestion to read it till the conclusion. It will help you to understand the concept better. So, let us start discussing about the platform.

What is ?

 The platform encourages the use of technology and experiment it to innovate. So basically it needs –

  • Technology enthusiasts
  • Innovators
  • Entrepreneurs


These three can collaborate and Work towards innovation. The platform aims to Encourage the culture of innovation and business. Moreover businesses can survive on this platform as the platform provides an environment Very new technologies can be developed and the ideas can grow.


 This platform was created. To solve the real life problems using technology. Moreover it is a platform which allows businesses and individuals to come together and work towards a common goal. The idea was to create a platform where one can access advanced technology. Furthermore, the ideas of innovators are also given support and encouragement to turn into reality. Therefore, it provides growth and innovation.

Key features of

 There are several offerings and features that this platform provides. Here we are mentioning the key features of tech.desa. It will help you know better about this platform. These key features are –

  • Consultation services by experts – the platform has the service to consult the experts. Thus, if the users find it difficult to navigate through anything, there are experts to help you out. Moreover, if you have any difficulties developing a new product or in doing anything on the platform, do not worry. You will be provided with personalised support and services.
  • Innovation Labs – to collaborate, experiment and innovate, a supportive working environment is a must right? Therefore, the platform has labs where businesses can come together and work. Furthermore, in the labs, you will get real time tools and equipments. Additionally, you can also get mentorship opportunities.
  • Technology Marketplace – the platform has a technology marketplace. In this, you can find all the solutions and services related to technology. Be it hardware products or software services, you can go to technology marketplace for the solution.
  • Community Engagement – the platform aims to cultivate the culture of creativity. Events and meet-ups help the businesses to collaborate and create. Moreover, events like forums etc. provide opportunities to share the knowledge and to enhance networking.
  • Training programs –in this digital age, skills and knowledge are needed to grow. Thus, this platform provides education and training programs to ensure that people have the skills and education needed. Moreover, technical training, education programs, learning opportunities are available.

Impact of on Innovation

  •  Encouraging Collaboration – by providing a platform to collaborate, sharing of ideas and knowledge has become possible. This exchange of ideas and knowledge helps businesses to innovate and Grow.
  • Empowering entrepreneurs – by providing needed learning opportunities and tools, the platforms empowers the entrepreneurs. Furthermore, the platforms also provides funding and mentorship.
  • Technological advancements – as we have already mentioned that this platform provides high end technology. Moreover, it also provided resources and expert solutions. Therefore, it allows businesses to develop new technologies.
  • Solves real world problems –the platform provides solution to real world problems through the help of technology and innovation.


 In this article, we have talked about This platform provides an environment to businesses for collaboration. This collaboration results in innovation and growth. We started this article with learning about the platform. Moreover, we then discussed the motive behind this platform. Then, we have discussed features and its impacts on innovation. This is all for this article. Thank you.

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