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Wanda Ferraton : Everything you Need to Know


Hello lovely people. How are you ? Do you guys feel excited for knowing about your favourite celebrities? If your answer is yes, then this article might be for you. We know that many people love searching about their favourite artists. Moreover, they look for every information they could get. We understand the curiosity. Therefore, in this article we are going to tell you about one such famous personality. The person we are going to talk about today gets a lot of searches on google. Many people are eager to know about her. Hence, this article will cover mostly all the information about her. The celebrity we are going to talk about today is Wanda Ferraton. She is a famous personality. Moreover, she is mainly known as the wife of Bill Goldberg. So let us know about her in detail.

Wanda Ferraton : Introduction

 She is an actress and a model. Not just this, Wanda also performs stunts in several movies. Moreover, Wanda was born in Saskatchewan in Canada. Furthermore, she is married to Bill Goldberg. He is a retired WWE wrestler. However, he also turned an actor due to some of his works as an actor. Wanda is known as being the wife of Goldberg. However, she is equally successful to his husband. Moreover, they are considered as an iconic couple in the Hollywood Industry. Furthermore, Wanda is also known as the famous Canadian stunt performer. In addition, she also has a son with Bill. Their son was born in 2006 and is 18 years old as of 2024. Let us know more about Ferraton

  • NAME – Wanda Ferraton
  • GENDER – Female
  • BIRTH YEAR – 1970
  • AGE – 54 as of 2024
  • ZODIAC SIGN – Cancer
  • BIRTHPLACE – Saskatchewan, Canada
  • NATIONALITY – Canadian
  • ETHNICITY – White
  • RELIGION – Christian
  • SEXUALITY – Straight
  • CHILDREN – Son ( Gage A.J. Goldberg)
  • SPOUSE – William Scott Goldberg
  •  PROFESSION – Stunt Actress, Businesswoman, Actress, Model, Host, Farrier
  • MOTHER – Gwen Werbeski
  • FATHER – Allen Ferraton


Wanda Ferraton : Physical Stats

 Wanda is a stunt performer and actress. Therefore, she maintains her body shape well. Moreover, she has a stunning appearance. Furthermore, her brown eyes and auburn hair complement her beautiful looks. In addition, she stands 5 feet 5 inches tall which is 165 centimetres. Not just this, Wanda has a really pretty smile over which many people are head over heels for her.

 HEIGHT – 5’5” ( 165 cm )

WEIGHT – around 52 kgs

EYE COLOUR – Dark Brown

HAIR COLOUR – Auburn Hair

Wanda Ferraton: Early Life and Education

 Wanda was born in a small town of Canada. Moreover, the population of the town at that time was not as much. She was born in Saskatchewan. Furthermore, in 1970, her parents had her as a little baby. In addition , Wanda took birth in a Catholic Christian family. Wanda’s father name is Allen Ferraton. Her mother’s name is Gwen Werbeski. Additionally, she spent her childhood with her parents in their farmhouse. Their farmhouse was in Montmartre. Along with her siblings, Wanda spent her entire childhood in the farmhouse. She is the second youngest among all the children. She went to the high school. Moreover, she did her graduation from Texas College.

Wanda Ferraton : Blockbuster Movies

 Wanda has worked in more than 100 movies. In some movies as an actress, and in some as a stunt performer. Moreover, she is famous for ber acting skills. Also, she is also admired for her beautiful appearance.

In this section, we will mention some of the most famous movies done by Wanda.

To begin with, Wanda worked in a movie named “The Unsaid” in 2001. Afterwards, she worked for various movies. Some of the famous movies of Wanda are –

ARARAT – 2002



Social Media Accounts

Wanda is actively present on the social media platforms. Moreover, she mostly posts her family. She uses Instagram And twitter. On the other hand, her husband is not present on the social media platforms. You can find her official account by her name. Moreover, through her social media posts, it can be said that Wanda is a selfless and sincere.

Wanda Ferraton Net worth

 Along with her career in the film Industry, she earns through her clothing brand also. Moreover, she is the owner of Hide and Chic Boutique. Furthermore, her business works well. In addition to this, she is also a stunt actress which pays her well.

According to some sources, Wanda’s net worth is around $1 Million. However, we can not be sure about it.


  • Here are some interesting facts about Wanda –
  • She is an animal lover. Moreover, she leaves no chance to fight for their rights.
  • She posts a lot about animals on her social media
  • Wanda has an athletic body. She keeps her body fit. This is because she is also a stunt performer.
  • Wanda is a gym freak and loves maintaining the shape of her body.


Final Words

 In this article, we have talked about the famous personality Wanda Ferraton. Moreover, we have discussed her Early Life, Career, famous movies, and physical stats. Furthermore, there are some interesting facts about her. We hope this article was interestingly informative for you. Share this article with someone who is her admirer. Thank you.


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